Purpose of Real BeYOUty Campaign

To promote self-love and celebrate people that aren’t seen in magazines and movies. This campaign is about sharing the stories of the superheroes, role models, and mentors in our community. 

How the Real BeYouty Campaign Started

It came to our attention that so many young women and men now look to social media for what they believe they should look like. We want to feature people in our lives to bring it back to inner beauty, authenticity, and individualism. There’s nothing more beautiful than being yourself. We wanted to send the message of being beautiful is more than just hair and makeup. We want people to have a space where they are loved and accepted and celebrated.

We also wanted to offer a chance to have professionals step in and talk about truly embracing your own body. We've felt that as a professional behind the chair so many of us have the power of educating our guests on being mindful and healthy in their beauty options.

Getting Involved
We like to feature you or someone you know!
E-mail us your story or nominate someone in your life and share with us their story. Your stories will be featured on our blog, instagram, & facebook. We'll also be picking out a couple stories and personally interview them!
Please send your stories to