STYLUS is a non-profit beauty expo that focuses on education and showcasing beauty artists of color in the Minnesota Twin Cities area. Our Mission at STYLUS is to create a dynamic space of learning and growing for the advancement of people of color in the beauty industry. We strive to inspire and cultivate strong beauty artists of color, and diversifying the industry as a whole.

Our Story:

STYLUS was an idea born in August 2015 that came to life in January 2016 due to the lack of professional advancement of beauty artists in the Hmong community. In the first year of its establishment, STYLUS focused on showcasing the works of local Hmong beauty artists by hosting education classes, and finally a runway show at the end of the year in which everyone was rightfully credited for their work.

Since our very first show on September 17th, 2016, all of us at STYLUS thought it fit to reach out to not just Hmong beauty artists, but artists of color due to the lack of representation. We saw this as an issue that needed to be addressed; so, we changed our mission and activities to include artists of color in our campaigns, photoshoots, education classes, events, and fundraisers.

All of us at STYLUS are so grateful for all the support and love we have received! Together with the community we only hope to grow and flourish.