It's A Monthly Thing: Gemini

It has been a long while since the last monthly content was posted. Apology on my behalf as we’ve been busy behind the scenes with event preparations, photoshoots, and schedule conflicts. But, here it is finally!

This Gemini look was created by Kia Yang. Kia took was inspired by a half-half makeup look that ultimately resulted in the 


Avant Garde isn’t always about being over the top, or being extremely overdone. It’s about exploring one’s creativity and experimenting new techniques. But, sometimes simplicity is all we need to give the look that pop—our Avant Garde piece. And that was exactly what I felt from looking at the makeup for Gemini. There was not a whole lot of accessories used in this look that would deter our eyes away except for the pop of colors.

Same goes for hair. Though in its natural state, the hair could say and add so much to your overall appearance. In this case, I felt like the hair really made the model look fierce, and added an air of mystery. I don't know about anyone else, but I really think this look was really befitting of Gemini.

And here's the final look!



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- Written by Xee Khang