It's A Monthly Thing: Cancer

It’s A Monthly Thing: Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Another late monthly content post… Again, sorry for the late post and also to the makeup artist and model that were probably waiting for this to finally go up!

Truth be told, this was shot before Gemini, but for the sake of staying in order I didn’t post it up.

For Cancer we were lucky to have had Susan Thao-Johnson (@skinandmakeupbysusan) as the makeup artist for Cancer! Being a Cancer herself, Susan decided to take up on the task of creating her version of what being a Cancer really meant to her. 

“Cancers are nurturing, emotional, compassionate, and love deeply. When I think of Cancer, I think of being feminine, romantic and beautiful and I wanted my look to signify that. I saw floral colors when I imagined the look so I used pink on my model. The flower crown just finished the look perfectly.”

Did you guys get those vibes?

For those who aren’t familiar with Susan’s work, she focuses on really enhancing the beauty that one naturally has hence her more natural makeup. Regardless, I still think that Susan did an amazing job! Also, shoutout to the model (she has such nice skin)!

Sometimes I feel like I ramble too much... Anyway! Here's the full look!




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- Written by Xee Khang