S/S 2018 STYLUS Collection: Kandy Punk

We are excited to have finally released our first ever beauty collection! A lot of time and planning along with hard work has gone into creating this collection, but the end result was beautiful. We had a lot of help from amazing artists, models, and designers—all of which made this look book come to life.


The idea of creating a beauty collection was for the purpose of education and being able to share the techniques used. At STYLUS, we are big on education and want to be able to hold classes year round versus doing it once a year as we have done in the following years. With the multiple looks that were created for the collection—both hair and makeup—we are able to hold several classes throughout the year. As a matter of fact, STYLUS will be holding classes soon; the first being a makeup class taught by one of the makeup artist that we worked with for the collection. (If you're interested in part-taking in this class be on the look out for flyers on our Facebook page.)

What were our inspirations?

The name "Kandy Punk" was derived from the idea of punk meets Harajuku; a blend between traditional punk style and fun Harajuku colors.

To create this collection we sat down together with our hair and makeup directors along with a few other artists that were interested in working together with us. On our own we all found our own inspirations and looks that we believe would be trending S/S 2018.


Our color scheme for this collection consisted of pastel pink, blue, and purple. Everything in regards to the looks in the look book were all based on those colors: hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

For makeup, we discussed several key aspects we thought should be included in our looks: clean skin (the infamous glass skin trend in South Korea); blocky, unblended eyeshadow; bold, popping eyes.

Wardrobe, like mentioned earlier, was a mix of traditional punk style and Harajuku festivity. The accessories that we used to complete the look was definitely more bad-ass and completed the punk aspect very well (in my opinion).

Our thoughts?

Though putting this collection together was exhausting—we were up at the crack of dawn scrambling to do hair and makeup—we are thoroughly satisfied with the end results. We are very thankful to everyone who contributed to this collection! STYLUS does have future plans to create another collection and is always looking to work with old and new artists.

If you want to see the whole collection we will be selling our look book on the website. It will be out soon so be on the look out!



Hairstylist: Lawkong Vue | lavujhairstudio.com | facebook,com/lavujhairstudio

Makeup Artists:

  • Kia Yang | kiayajj.com | IG: kiayajj
  • Xee Khang
  • Amairani Sanabria

Wardrobe: The House of BYURI.co | byuri.co | facebook.com/byuri.co | IG: byuri.co

Accessories: Pretty Rock' Girl Collection | prettyrockgirlcollection.com | facebook.com/prettyrockgirlcollectioninc


  • Imada Monique | IG: imadadelgado
  • Maiya Lea Hartman | IG: maiyalea
  • Desare Cox | IG: chipotlayyye
  • Lariza Estrada | IG: Lariza_f



- Written by Xee Khang