It's A Monthly Thing: Pisces (Feb 18-March 20)

We're back! Last time we did an Aquarius shoot, the first in our monthly horoscope collection. This month we did... Pisces!

This look seemed to be a challenge for some reason (blame it to the lack of inspiration and creativity). Believe it or not, but we actually took more than two weeks to come up with something that we liked; the project went from one person to another, and in the end I ended up doing this look. And I must admit, I liked how Pisces turned out better than Aquarius.


TA-DA! Here it is!

Let's start off with inspirations. For this look I definitely wanted to do a watercolor-like look with the eyeshadows. I wasn't sure how to go about it in the beginning just because I simply didn't know how to get the eyeshadow to look "watercolor-like." In the end I figured I just needed to blend and apply a little at a time. The colors didn't come out as blended as I would've wanted it, but it still turned out beautiful!

Of course, what is Pisces without the signature fishes symbol! As you can see I took a different route and used pearls in place of the fishes. The original plan was to use pearls all over the lip along in accordance with this look, but I figured it would be too much. Thus, the gloss lips.

Lastly, hair. You can't see in this photo, but she has S curls in her hair (I don't even know if I used that term correctly). Anyway, we wanted the hair to have a sort of wet and an 'oh hey, don't mind me, just took a dip in the water, that's all' look. I hope we succeeded in that part because I think we were pretty darn close.

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- Written by Xee Khang