It's A Monthly Thing: Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

This year STYLUS is putting in an effort to turn over a new leaf. As creative content coordinator I was instructed to create monthly content that would reflect what STYLUS is and its mission. (Of course, it has to be Avante Garde because it needs to make a statement.)

It took me some time to finally come up with something fun and creative, but I finally settled on Astrological Horoscopes. I figured why not since each sign could be translated into so many looks!

AquariusLook (1 of 1)-3.jpg

The first sign we did was Aquarius (yeah, I know its a little late).

This look, for the most part was created on a whim. How do I know? Because I was the one who did the makeup! To be completely honest, I was super nervous about doing this look—makeup for STYLUS in general—as I am far from being great at makeup application. Regardless, I think this look turned out amazing, and even more so on camera. The only down side was that it took forever to glue down my eyebrows, and even after an hour of doing so it wasn't close to being where I wanted them to be.

STYLUS will be putting out more monthly content like this. If you would like to be the creator behind such looks and be credited and featured head on over to our Facebook page for more information and follow us on Instagram @stylus_expo!

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- Written by Xee Khang