Culture Piece Magazine: Melatonin Fashion Show

We had the honor of attending Culture Piece Magazine's first fashion show ever and it was definitely a show to not be missed. If you missed out on this show please be sure to attend their next fashion show celebrating their one year anniversary on June 18th. The founders of Culture Piece Magazine, Maya and Pierre, have created something really unique and special. I'm truly excited to see where their business goes and will continue to follow Culture Piece Magazine.

The show was beautifully pulled off with a wonderful selection of models, designers, performers, and venue. However I was there on behalf of STYLUS and what I was looking at was hair and makeup. Going into the show I was already excited because I was familiar with the work of the lead hairstylist and makeup artist's work. I have personally worked with Dre (hairstylist) on a few projects and I am always blown away by her work. Toddi's makeup is also beautiful and perfectly applied in all of her work that I have seen.

When the runway started I was instantly blown away by the designer's work, but what really knocked me off my feet was the beautiful clean braids that the hair team created. I've attended a handful of fashion shows and HMUA work always leaves me wanting more. Hair and makeup at many MN fashion shows are often inconsistent in execution and style, but I was absolutely blown away by Dre Demry-Sanders, Melissa Taylor, and Tamia Daye. Each model in the same designer's collection wore the same hairstyle. Being a HMUA myself I truly appreciated the clean crisp hairstyles.

I do wish lighting was a bit brighter or that I had gotten the chance to get up close to models to see the makeup. From what I could see the makeup was minimal, clean, and fresh. I can always appreciate a fresh faced makeup look. It really played up the beautiful skin each model had and made them all look like they were glowing from within. Although I can appreciate a good ole instagram blinding highlight my favorite is what looks like fresh healthy skin. In my opinion the fresh faced look is harder to achieve than a blinding instagram glow. Kudos to Toddi Rogers, Yanna Jordan, and Tailor Hodges for creating beautiful makeup looks with a touch of color.

Maya and Pierre did an excellent job in choosing their HMUA team. The looks screamed professional, clean, streamlined, and luxurious. What I saw in their hair/makeup presentation has set a precedent, in my mind, for other shows to follow in the Twin Cities area. I can appreciate the hard work that each designer puts into their garments, but I often feel as though hair/makeup is left out until the last minute in other shows I've attended. Culture Piece Magazine executed everything so beautifully. All I can say is that everyone needs to be watching this team. They're going to be doing so many amazing things!

I also wanted to include a few words from the lead hair stylist and makeup artist for Culture Piece as well so that our audience gets a better understanding of their creations.

What was the inspiration for hair and makeup?

Dre: Besides the fact that my name is synonymous braids, I wanted to give a ode to what I think is a quintessential hairstyle for brown girls like myself. So I went with 3 different types of cornrow, each fitting the style of the designer. For Designs by Ke'Andrea Shelby I created a look that I was inspired by my child hood. The looks consisted of 3 braids in a "T" formation, two braids falling right above the ears and on in the back down the nape. The wardrobe was pretty neutral in tone/color so I used grey hair to complement that. But in my eyes it was still so underwhelmed and boring so I put a street stylistic vibe on it with the addition to the fish net wig caps. It turned it to total avant-garde perfection. Hawwaa's collection was inspired to create a hairstyle that reflected a new woman. This woman plays with the dichotomy of being strong and maintaining what femininity looks like just to her. Initially I thought a crown braid would match the spirit of this character I created for Hawwaa's line. It was pretty but it lacked the component of power I was looking for. So I let the crown braid hang long, loose and dramatic. I love the clean utilitarian look of Sydney's designs. So I wanted to give her line a complimenting look with 5 neat cornrow. But of course that was just to simple for me. So I exaggerated the center braid to mimic a faux hawk. All looks were finished and polished with baby hair because they are magical!

Toddi: The inspiration behind the makeup for melatonin was very simple. I wanted to highlight the natural beauty of our models by making their skin flawless and glowy with only touches of color on the bottom lash lines and/or in the lid crease. I wanted it to be very clean, polished and even futuristic.

Main products used to achieve looks? Recommendations for clients who want to recreate makeup/hair looks?

Dre: All looks were created with the following products and tools: Eco styler gel, Keracare edge tamer, Comb, Denman brush, Smoothing brush, and Synthetic kanelone hair.

Were the looks created in collaboration with designers or did HMUA have overall last say?

Dre: This time HMUA had creative control. But it would be great to collaborate with Hawwaa in hair for our 1yr anniversary fashion show at CanCan wonderland in June!

Congrats to all of you at Culture Piece Magazine on a successful first show! You guys did great!

I also want to add a special shout out in this blog post to our photographer Jesse Lo who agreed to help us last minute. I have never worked with him and he really came through for us. His photos are amazing! All photos in our gallery below was taken by him.