2017 Holiday Tutorial


With the holidays in full swing, we wanted to celebrate with everyone by doing what we  do best: hair and makeup!

Today we will be taking you behind the scenes of our holiday hair and makeup photoshoot. When we think of the holidays many things come to mind: glitter, red lips, nude lips, smokey eyes, etc. With such a wide range of holiday looks it was hard for us to pick one sole look, so instead we decided to include a little bit of everything into our looks. The focus and goal behind our inspired looks is to create hairstyles and makeup looks that can be achieved and worn by anyone for any occasion throughout the holiday season.


Among the hair and makeup looks on our storyboard, we decided to take two and  make them come to life with our own artistic touch to it. The first look I will be introducing to you today was done by some of our lovely members of STYLUS, Susan and Lawkong. Sadly, we won’t be featuring that look in this blog post. If you would like to see the step-by-step on how to achieve this look please pick up a copy of The Volk Magazine’s December issue! 

Unlike the first look in which we shot for The Volk, this second look is not a day to night wear but rather a single look. And just like the first, this second look is just as pretty. For this look we created a beautiful golden smokey eye paired with nude lips. Though very bold sounding this look is without a doubt elegant. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the step-by-step on how to achieve this look!


  Step 1 : Apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid. Here we used Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream in the color Gold.

Step 1: Apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid. Here we used Makeup Forever’s Aqua Cream in the color Gold.


Step 2: Apply a loose golden pigment onto the first gold shadow to increase the intensity of the color.


Step 3: Apply a black eye shadow to the outer corner of the lid, making sure to blend out the edges for a soft finish.


Step 4: Apply a black liner thinly along the lash line. Make sure to line as close to the lash line as possible.


Step 5: Curl your lashes and apply mascara.


Step 6: Taking a light brown eye shadow and apply it the entire lower lash line.


Step 7: Taking the same black eye shadow used in step 3, apply it to the outer half of your waterline. Make sure to blend it into the brown shadow.


Step 8: Last but not least, apply a nude pink lipstick and you’re done!


And here's the final eye makeup look!


Nice and simple! Though this was our artistic choice in colors and style your are more than welcomed to add your own twist to this look where you see fit. For example, you can chose to wing out your eye liner, you would prefer to wear a different lipstick color, or chose to wear false lashes; the decision is yours to make.

For hair, we decided to match the makeup look with a faux bun. Though our model has short to medium length hair this style could be done with longer hair as well. Now, let’s jump into the tutorial. 


Step 1: Curl your hair. For this look you want big loose curls.

Step 2: After you finish curling your hair you’re going to tie the ends together into a tiny ponytail.


Step 3: Your ponytail should look something like the picture when pushed to the back. Make sure to keep the ponytail relatively loose to make the next step easier.


Step 4: Now you’re going to take  the ponytail and tuck it underneath the rest of your hair. Make sure that your ponytail is not sticking out of your hair once you have it tucked in.


Step 5: Pin the tucked hair and all other loose hair. For the finishing touch use hairspray to really secure your hair and keep it in place.


Final looks: 


And that's a wrap for our 2017 Holiday look! We hope these tutorials found you well and were simple enough to follow. Also, if you aren’t doing so already like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram. We would love to see how this look turned out for you!