It's A Monthly Thing: Leo

Hello! It's been a long time since I've posted and I have no one to blame but myself.

Anyway, this month's sign was Leo and I am more than excited to share with you all the finished product, along with the inspiration behind it.

This time around, just like all the other times, I had the biggest struggle with finding a POC HMUA. I really went out of my comfort zone to try to bring on new faces for these monthly blogs, but maybe I'm not trying hard enough? Just like all the other times, I failed to find someone outside of STYLUS to do makeup, so I took it upon myself to put Leo together.

First off, I always feel so pressured when it comes to doing creative makeup on anyone but myself. I guess it's because I know its my face and I could do whatever I want to it. So, yes, I did feel a little pressured (even though I voluntarily nominated myself for the role).

I think what I struggled with the most is definitely the inspiration part. For Leo, I didn't want to create a typical lion/feline look, nor did I want it to be too glam. Anyone who knows me, or has seen my work knows that I'm kind of sporadic with my art and that was exactly what I wanted for Leo. To say that I succeeded in that would be and understatement.

 MUA: Xee Khang || Model: Lexi Dixon

MUA: Xee Khang || Model: Lexi Dixon

Instead, I created something completely different from what I intended. When I think of Leo I see someone fierce, independent, yet a total sweetheart. (Are those even considered Leo characteristics?) As a result, I opted for a soft look with strong eyes and lips. For colors I kept to two main colors: black and orange (different shades, but still orange).

My inspiration behind this look? Nothing really. I chose colors that I wanted and built a base from there. I did still want a feline part to the look so I gave the model a dramatic wing liner and exaggerated the lips a little by extending the ends to come out more. This screamed out feline-ish to me.

Lastly, I added very light freckles as I thought they would complete the look; to add in that sweetheart aspect to the look. I'm not saying that freckles makes one a sweetheart, I just thought it would be cute.

Well, that's pretty much it from me. Here's another look at Leo!

 MUA: Xee Khang || Model: Lexi Dixon

MUA: Xee Khang || Model: Lexi Dixon




- Written by Xee Khang

It's A Monthly Thing: Cancer

It’s A Monthly Thing: Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Another late monthly content post… Again, sorry for the late post and also to the makeup artist and model that were probably waiting for this to finally go up!

Truth be told, this was shot before Gemini, but for the sake of staying in order I didn’t post it up.

For Cancer we were lucky to have had Susan Thao-Johnson (@skinandmakeupbysusan) as the makeup artist for Cancer! Being a Cancer herself, Susan decided to take up on the task of creating her version of what being a Cancer really meant to her. 

“Cancers are nurturing, emotional, compassionate, and love deeply. When I think of Cancer, I think of being feminine, romantic and beautiful and I wanted my look to signify that. I saw floral colors when I imagined the look so I used pink on my model. The flower crown just finished the look perfectly.”

Did you guys get those vibes?

For those who aren’t familiar with Susan’s work, she focuses on really enhancing the beauty that one naturally has hence her more natural makeup. Regardless, I still think that Susan did an amazing job! Also, shoutout to the model (she has such nice skin)!

Sometimes I feel like I ramble too much... Anyway! Here's the full look!




We are always looking for POC HMUAs and models to work with. If you are interested please email me: Also like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram. For a chance to be featured on our page use #stylusexpo.


- Written by Xee Khang

It's A Monthly Thing: Gemini

It has been a long while since the last monthly content was posted. Apology on my behalf as we’ve been busy behind the scenes with event preparations, photoshoots, and schedule conflicts. But, here it is finally!

This Gemini look was created by Kia Yang. Kia took was inspired by a half-half makeup look that ultimately resulted in the 


Avant Garde isn’t always about being over the top, or being extremely overdone. It’s about exploring one’s creativity and experimenting new techniques. But, sometimes simplicity is all we need to give the look that pop—our Avant Garde piece. And that was exactly what I felt from looking at the makeup for Gemini. There was not a whole lot of accessories used in this look that would deter our eyes away except for the pop of colors.

Same goes for hair. Though in its natural state, the hair could say and add so much to your overall appearance. In this case, I felt like the hair really made the model look fierce, and added an air of mystery. I don't know about anyone else, but I really think this look was really befitting of Gemini.

And here's the final look!



We are always looking for POC HMUAs and models to work with. If you are interested please email me: Also like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. For a chance to be featured on our page use #stylusexpo.



- Written by Xee Khang


This past weekend a couple of the STYLUS members gathered to put a very special photoshoot together. In honor of it being Pride Month we decided to have our own little photoshoot to show that STYLUS loves everyone for who they are.

In all honesty, this shoot was very last minute and I was all over the place trying to piece everything together. It was actually easier that I had initially thought, especially when there were already so many beautiful creations celebrating Pride. (The hardest part was finding one theme, but in the end I figured 'why not' and used everything.)

 Candid shot of us in our "natural habitat" with balloons (featuring the bubble gun).

Candid shot of us in our "natural habitat" with balloons (featuring the bubble gun).

This project, which I proudly named 'With PRIDE' was by far the funnest one yet for me personally. It's funny because I've only ever watched behind the scene videos for photoshoots where the assistants are running around providing extra effects, but there I was doing all the running making sure there were enough bubbles everywhere. The ever changing wind made this so much harder, and not to mention the hill that we used as our set. It was tiring, but fun; come on, who doesn't like balloons and bubbles. The best part was that I was using a bubble gun (I've always wanted one as a kid)!

Moving onto the actual photoshoot. I was a little sad that we didn't have more models and artists to work with for this project, but then again it was a last minute project so... yeah. It is what it is at the end of the day.

Because we lacked makeup artists, the makeup was left up to Kia and I; which wasn't hard since we only had two model anyway. Kia's work was very pretty, and had a more feminine touch to it while mine had a more masculine vibe.

I wanted to create a look that said 'anyone can wear makeup' because anyone can. Makeup isn't only for girls. Yeah, that's what I wanted to portray.

- Kia Yang, Founder

I honestly didn't know what I wanted to do for makeup; all I knew was that I wanted a fierce look. I kind of dubbed it the 'battle paint' look.

- Xee Khang, Creative Content


Well, I've stalled for enough time. Without further ado, here is the finished product!






- Written by Xee Khang

It's A Monthly Thing: Taurus (Apr 20- May 21)

Taurus, the almighty bull. Despite being the bull, Taurus' are known to be reliable, devoted, yet stubborn, and hard-headed (at least that's what I read online).

Yep, this month we touched bases with Taurus and all the creativity meshed into one for this look was definitely something different from our past horoscope looks. I guess you could say it has a grungy kind of feel?

The hair and makeup for Taurus was done by Kia Yang, a Taurus herself. When I had suggested the horoscope series for our monthly blog/content, I had intended on having HMUAs of the same sign do hair and makeup. However, in the end I decided that being able to feature HMUAs of color was what mattered most.

 HMUA; Kia Yang || Model: Tori Koepp

HMUA; Kia Yang || Model: Tori Koepp

Anyway, here's the final look!

Kia's work was inspired by works done by @makeupmouse on Instagram. For the choice of colors, Kia wanted to use a completely different palette from other Taurus looks she found online (pastel colors). She chose to use darker colors to hone in on the stubborn, and hard-headed characteristics of Taurus'.


"Being a Taurus myself, I felt like the warrior aesthetics aligned more with myself versus the pastel colors that were often associated with the Taurus sign."


Here's the final look!

 HMUA: Kia Yang || Model: Tori Koepp

HMUA: Kia Yang || Model: Tori Koepp






- Written by Xee Khang

It's A Monthly Thing: Aries (Mar 21- Apr 19)

There's a sequence to these kind of things: Aquarius, Pisces, then Aries. (Yeah, the date indicates that we're late, but so be it.)

For Aries, I'm excited to announce that we finally have an artist feature (outside of STYLUS members)! Being completely honest, we have been struggling a bit to find HMUAs who would be interested in adding to the horoscope series. If you know a talented individual please tag them; we're always looking to work with other beauty artists of color. Also, if you know anyone who would be interested in modeling for our horoscope series tag them as well. Without further ado, let's take a look at the Aries look

 HMUA: Bae Lee  Model: Maichoua (MC) Chang

HMUA: Bae Lee

Model: Maichoua (MC) Chang

Bao Lee was our featured artist for Aries, and she did an amazing job! And we're not just talking about her artistry, but also her creativity.

The neutral tones used to create this look definitely makes this look edgy; however, the rhinestones and hairstyle contrasts the edge as it adds elegance to the look. This isn't a bad thing, trust me. I actually love how well the edge and elegance clash with one another! And, can we also take a second to appreciate the precision of those line? Slay, girl! With my shaky hands I would have messed up several times just trying to get my eyeliner straight.

All jokes aside—I would also like to give a shout out to the model, MC (Maichoua) Chang! As soon as we started shooting she was a completely different person. It was obvious that she knew what she was doing as she got into position to show off the hair and makeup as best as she could. Every shot we took turned out amazing!

Here's the complete look!






- Written by Xee Khang

It's A Monthly Thing: Pisces (Feb 18-March 20)

We're back! Last time we did an Aquarius shoot, the first in our monthly horoscope collection. This month we did... Pisces!

This look seemed to be a challenge for some reason (blame it to the lack of inspiration and creativity). Believe it or not, but we actually took more than two weeks to come up with something that we liked; the project went from one person to another, and in the end I ended up doing this look. And I must admit, I liked how Pisces turned out better than Aquarius.


TA-DA! Here it is!

Let's start off with inspirations. For this look I definitely wanted to do a watercolor-like look with the eyeshadows. I wasn't sure how to go about it in the beginning just because I simply didn't know how to get the eyeshadow to look "watercolor-like." In the end I figured I just needed to blend and apply a little at a time. The colors didn't come out as blended as I would've wanted it, but it still turned out beautiful!

Of course, what is Pisces without the signature fishes symbol! As you can see I took a different route and used pearls in place of the fishes. The original plan was to use pearls all over the lip along in accordance with this look, but I figured it would be too much. Thus, the gloss lips.

Lastly, hair. You can't see in this photo, but she has S curls in her hair (I don't even know if I used that term correctly). Anyway, we wanted the hair to have a sort of wet and an 'oh hey, don't mind me, just took a dip in the water, that's all' look. I hope we succeeded in that part because I think we were pretty darn close.

Well, that's it for this look! If you want to keep up with our horoscope collection sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when we have something fun and exciting going on! Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date with us as well!



- Written by Xee Khang

S/S 2018 STYLUS Collection: Kandy Punk

We are excited to have finally released our first ever beauty collection! A lot of time and planning along with hard work has gone into creating this collection, but the end result was beautiful. We had a lot of help from amazing artists, models, and designers—all of which made this look book come to life.


The idea of creating a beauty collection was for the purpose of education and being able to share the techniques used. At STYLUS, we are big on education and want to be able to hold classes year round versus doing it once a year as we have done in the following years. With the multiple looks that were created for the collection—both hair and makeup—we are able to hold several classes throughout the year. As a matter of fact, STYLUS will be holding classes soon; the first being a makeup class taught by one of the makeup artist that we worked with for the collection. (If you're interested in part-taking in this class be on the look out for flyers on our Facebook page.)

What were our inspirations?

The name "Kandy Punk" was derived from the idea of punk meets Harajuku; a blend between traditional punk style and fun Harajuku colors.

To create this collection we sat down together with our hair and makeup directors along with a few other artists that were interested in working together with us. On our own we all found our own inspirations and looks that we believe would be trending S/S 2018.


Our color scheme for this collection consisted of pastel pink, blue, and purple. Everything in regards to the looks in the look book were all based on those colors: hair, makeup, and wardrobe.

For makeup, we discussed several key aspects we thought should be included in our looks: clean skin (the infamous glass skin trend in South Korea); blocky, unblended eyeshadow; bold, popping eyes.

Wardrobe, like mentioned earlier, was a mix of traditional punk style and Harajuku festivity. The accessories that we used to complete the look was definitely more bad-ass and completed the punk aspect very well (in my opinion).

Our thoughts?

Though putting this collection together was exhausting—we were up at the crack of dawn scrambling to do hair and makeup—we are thoroughly satisfied with the end results. We are very thankful to everyone who contributed to this collection! STYLUS does have future plans to create another collection and is always looking to work with old and new artists.

If you want to see the whole collection we will be selling our look book on the website. It will be out soon so be on the look out!



Hairstylist: Lawkong Vue | | facebook,com/lavujhairstudio

Makeup Artists:

  • Kia Yang | | IG: kiayajj
  • Xee Khang
  • Amairani Sanabria

Wardrobe: The House of | | | IG:

Accessories: Pretty Rock' Girl Collection | |


  • Imada Monique | IG: imadadelgado
  • Maiya Lea Hartman | IG: maiyalea
  • Desare Cox | IG: chipotlayyye
  • Lariza Estrada | IG: Lariza_f



- Written by Xee Khang

It's A Monthly Thing: Aquarius (Jan 20-Feb 18)

This year STYLUS is putting in an effort to turn over a new leaf. As creative content coordinator I was instructed to create monthly content that would reflect what STYLUS is and its mission. (Of course, it has to be Avante Garde because it needs to make a statement.)

It took me some time to finally come up with something fun and creative, but I finally settled on Astrological Horoscopes. I figured why not since each sign could be translated into so many looks!

AquariusLook (1 of 1)-3.jpg

The first sign we did was Aquarius (yeah, I know its a little late).

This look, for the most part was created on a whim. How do I know? Because I was the one who did the makeup! To be completely honest, I was super nervous about doing this look—makeup for STYLUS in general—as I am far from being great at makeup application. Regardless, I think this look turned out amazing, and even more so on camera. The only down side was that it took forever to glue down my eyebrows, and even after an hour of doing so it wasn't close to being where I wanted them to be.

STYLUS will be putting out more monthly content like this. If you would like to be the creator behind such looks and be credited and featured head on over to our Facebook page for more information and follow us on Instagram @stylus_expo!

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 18.04.37.png



- Written by Xee Khang

Valentine Finesse ❤️

ValentineLook (1 of 1)-15.jpg

This year Valentine's just got a little bit better! Oh, yes! I'm talking glitter, hearts, pink, bouncy curls, and DRAMA!

Yes, we're talking about hair and makeup! For Valentine's Day we went for something out of the norm; something big and bold that makes a beautiful statement.

This year STYLUS is gearing up to put out more creative, Avant Garde looks. This look was the first stepping stone in that direction and the results were amazing!

We pulled inspirations from 18th Century France powdered wigs for the hair and studded, blinged-out eye makeup. Actually, there's a lot of places where I pulled inspirations from, but the main focus of the overall look was definitely the color pink. What's Valentine's without some pink, right?



ValentineLook (1 of 1)-12.jpg

And, that's the full look! Follow us on Instagram @stylus_expo and like our Facebook page to see more of this look and many more to come!



- Written by Xee Khang

Winter Skin Lovin'

Have you ever noticed that one dry spot on your face when applying makeup? Or maybe your skin feels rough, a little itchy, and sometimes tight? Well, that’s winter and the effects it has on your skin.

During winter your skin is stripped of all its moisture and natural oils, and therefore leaving it feeling like sand paper. To some people this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the price you have to pay can be quite uncomfortable and even damaging in the long run. Having severely dry skin—and not treating it—can cause calluses to form and can even crack, causing ruptures in the skin that are prone to infections. Now, that doesn’t sound so fun does it? Well, fear not because there are many ways to prevent your skin from over drying.

For this blog post I won’t be talking about all the ways to prevent dry skin, but rather about facial moisturizers and skin care that STYLUS members use. The list is quite long but bare with me. 



And there you have it: a list of all the products that STYLUS members use. If you're struggling with finding the right moisturizer for your skin, why not give some of our products a go? Who knows, it just might be your new favorite product!






-Written by Xee Khang

2017 Holiday Tutorial


With the holidays in full swing, we wanted to celebrate with everyone by doing what we  do best: hair and makeup!

Today we will be taking you behind the scenes of our holiday hair and makeup photoshoot. When we think of the holidays many things come to mind: glitter, red lips, nude lips, smokey eyes, etc. With such a wide range of holiday looks it was hard for us to pick one sole look, so instead we decided to include a little bit of everything into our looks. The focus and goal behind our inspired looks is to create hairstyles and makeup looks that can be achieved and worn by anyone for any occasion throughout the holiday season.


Among the hair and makeup looks on our storyboard, we decided to take two and  make them come to life with our own artistic touch to it. The first look I will be introducing to you today was done by some of our lovely members of STYLUS, Susan and Lawkong. Sadly, we won’t be featuring that look in this blog post. If you would like to see the step-by-step on how to achieve this look please pick up a copy of The Volk Magazine’s December issue! 

Unlike the first look in which we shot for The Volk, this second look is not a day to night wear but rather a single look. And just like the first, this second look is just as pretty. For this look we created a beautiful golden smokey eye paired with nude lips. Though very bold sounding this look is without a doubt elegant. Without further ado, let’s jump right into the step-by-step on how to achieve this look!


  Step 1 : Apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid. Here we used Makeup Forever's Aqua Cream in the color Gold.

Step 1: Apply a gold eye shadow all over the lid. Here we used Makeup Forever’s Aqua Cream in the color Gold.


Step 2: Apply a loose golden pigment onto the first gold shadow to increase the intensity of the color.


Step 3: Apply a black eye shadow to the outer corner of the lid, making sure to blend out the edges for a soft finish.


Step 4: Apply a black liner thinly along the lash line. Make sure to line as close to the lash line as possible.


Step 5: Curl your lashes and apply mascara.


Step 6: Taking a light brown eye shadow and apply it the entire lower lash line.


Step 7: Taking the same black eye shadow used in step 3, apply it to the outer half of your waterline. Make sure to blend it into the brown shadow.


Step 8: Last but not least, apply a nude pink lipstick and you’re done!


And here's the final eye makeup look!


Nice and simple! Though this was our artistic choice in colors and style your are more than welcomed to add your own twist to this look where you see fit. For example, you can chose to wing out your eye liner, you would prefer to wear a different lipstick color, or chose to wear false lashes; the decision is yours to make.

For hair, we decided to match the makeup look with a faux bun. Though our model has short to medium length hair this style could be done with longer hair as well. Now, let’s jump into the tutorial. 


Step 1: Curl your hair. For this look you want big loose curls.

Step 2: After you finish curling your hair you’re going to tie the ends together into a tiny ponytail.


Step 3: Your ponytail should look something like the picture when pushed to the back. Make sure to keep the ponytail relatively loose to make the next step easier.


Step 4: Now you’re going to take  the ponytail and tuck it underneath the rest of your hair. Make sure that your ponytail is not sticking out of your hair once you have it tucked in.


Step 5: Pin the tucked hair and all other loose hair. For the finishing touch use hairspray to really secure your hair and keep it in place.


Final looks: 


And that's a wrap for our 2017 Holiday look! We hope these tutorials found you well and were simple enough to follow. Also, if you aren’t doing so already like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram. We would love to see how this look turned out for you!


Culture Piece Magazine: Melatonin Fashion Show

We had the honor of attending Culture Piece Magazine's first fashion show ever and it was definitely a show to not be missed. If you missed out on this show please be sure to attend their next fashion show celebrating their one year anniversary on June 18th. The founders of Culture Piece Magazine, Maya and Pierre, have created something really unique and special. I'm truly excited to see where their business goes and will continue to follow Culture Piece Magazine.

The show was beautifully pulled off with a wonderful selection of models, designers, performers, and venue. However I was there on behalf of STYLUS and what I was looking at was hair and makeup. Going into the show I was already excited because I was familiar with the work of the lead hairstylist and makeup artist's work. I have personally worked with Dre (hairstylist) on a few projects and I am always blown away by her work. Toddi's makeup is also beautiful and perfectly applied in all of her work that I have seen.

When the runway started I was instantly blown away by the designer's work, but what really knocked me off my feet was the beautiful clean braids that the hair team created. I've attended a handful of fashion shows and HMUA work always leaves me wanting more. Hair and makeup at many MN fashion shows are often inconsistent in execution and style, but I was absolutely blown away by Dre Demry-Sanders, Melissa Taylor, and Tamia Daye. Each model in the same designer's collection wore the same hairstyle. Being a HMUA myself I truly appreciated the clean crisp hairstyles.

I do wish lighting was a bit brighter or that I had gotten the chance to get up close to models to see the makeup. From what I could see the makeup was minimal, clean, and fresh. I can always appreciate a fresh faced makeup look. It really played up the beautiful skin each model had and made them all look like they were glowing from within. Although I can appreciate a good ole instagram blinding highlight my favorite is what looks like fresh healthy skin. In my opinion the fresh faced look is harder to achieve than a blinding instagram glow. Kudos to Toddi Rogers, Yanna Jordan, and Tailor Hodges for creating beautiful makeup looks with a touch of color.

Maya and Pierre did an excellent job in choosing their HMUA team. The looks screamed professional, clean, streamlined, and luxurious. What I saw in their hair/makeup presentation has set a precedent, in my mind, for other shows to follow in the Twin Cities area. I can appreciate the hard work that each designer puts into their garments, but I often feel as though hair/makeup is left out until the last minute in other shows I've attended. Culture Piece Magazine executed everything so beautifully. All I can say is that everyone needs to be watching this team. They're going to be doing so many amazing things!

I also wanted to include a few words from the lead hair stylist and makeup artist for Culture Piece as well so that our audience gets a better understanding of their creations.

What was the inspiration for hair and makeup?

Dre: Besides the fact that my name is synonymous braids, I wanted to give a ode to what I think is a quintessential hairstyle for brown girls like myself. So I went with 3 different types of cornrow, each fitting the style of the designer. For Designs by Ke'Andrea Shelby I created a look that I was inspired by my child hood. The looks consisted of 3 braids in a "T" formation, two braids falling right above the ears and on in the back down the nape. The wardrobe was pretty neutral in tone/color so I used grey hair to complement that. But in my eyes it was still so underwhelmed and boring so I put a street stylistic vibe on it with the addition to the fish net wig caps. It turned it to total avant-garde perfection. Hawwaa's collection was inspired to create a hairstyle that reflected a new woman. This woman plays with the dichotomy of being strong and maintaining what femininity looks like just to her. Initially I thought a crown braid would match the spirit of this character I created for Hawwaa's line. It was pretty but it lacked the component of power I was looking for. So I let the crown braid hang long, loose and dramatic. I love the clean utilitarian look of Sydney's designs. So I wanted to give her line a complimenting look with 5 neat cornrow. But of course that was just to simple for me. So I exaggerated the center braid to mimic a faux hawk. All looks were finished and polished with baby hair because they are magical!

Toddi: The inspiration behind the makeup for melatonin was very simple. I wanted to highlight the natural beauty of our models by making their skin flawless and glowy with only touches of color on the bottom lash lines and/or in the lid crease. I wanted it to be very clean, polished and even futuristic.

Main products used to achieve looks? Recommendations for clients who want to recreate makeup/hair looks?

Dre: All looks were created with the following products and tools: Eco styler gel, Keracare edge tamer, Comb, Denman brush, Smoothing brush, and Synthetic kanelone hair.

Were the looks created in collaboration with designers or did HMUA have overall last say?

Dre: This time HMUA had creative control. But it would be great to collaborate with Hawwaa in hair for our 1yr anniversary fashion show at CanCan wonderland in June!

Congrats to all of you at Culture Piece Magazine on a successful first show! You guys did great!

I also want to add a special shout out in this blog post to our photographer Jesse Lo who agreed to help us last minute. I have never worked with him and he really came through for us. His photos are amazing! All photos in our gallery below was taken by him.